Perfect times to use InBody

InBody analysis can provide you with valuable insights to your client’s health and is an essential tool for them to track their progress in your facility.
InBody analysis can be applied to many settings, some of which are listed below:
  • 12 Week Body Transformation Challenges – accurately measure progress along the 12 weeks.
  • Figure competitors, body builders etc – accurately measure imbalances, and monitor how your body responds to diet and exercise.
  • All gym members – they can measure their progress for attaining their specific body composition goals.
  • Personal trainers – keeps your clients motivated, but for you, you can see just how effective your program creation is.
  • Sporting clubs – motivate your players to eat well and train hard. They can experience healthy competition when comparing results such as the InBody score.
  • Fitness education providers – Use InBody when teaching your students about the various methods for assessing body composition.
  • Physiotherapists – The InBody will help to assess any muscular imbalances your clients may have, and help them to stay on track with their rehabilitation exercises.
  • Corporate – keep your employees healthy, productive and motivated and reduce absenteeism, work cover claims and staff  turnover.