The Use of Supplements

A varied diet generally provides enough of each vitamin and mineral. However, for various reasons such as illness, genetics, lifestyle or environmental factors, this is not always achievable and additionally, some high risk groups have increased requirements for certain nutrients.
People who may benefit from vitamin and mineral supplements include:
  • Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding
  • People who drink alcohol above the amount that is recommended
  • Cigarette smokers
  • Illegal drug users and people who take certain pharmaceutical medications
  • Crash dieters or people on chronic low-calorie diets
  • The elderly (especially those who are disabled or chronically ill)
  • Some vegetarians or vegans
  • Women with excessive bleeding during menstruation
  • People with allergies to particular foods
  • People with malabsorption problems
  • People with genetic conditions such as MTHFR or pyrroluria
Unfortunately, a large proportion of the population fits into one or more of these categories.
It is essential that the quality of any supplement prescribed be of the highest standard. As such, the supplements prescribed in my clinic include practitioner-only brands such as Metagenics, Bioconcepts, Pure Innovation, BioMedica, Mediherb, Nutrition Care, Bioceuticals, and Eagle. Products from these companies are well researched, evidenced-based and registered with the Australian Therapeutics Goods Association (TGA). This ensures that only the highest quality ingredients are used and that stringent quality control procedures have been adhered to.
I speak to many people who have spent vast amounts of money on supplements only to be disappointed by not achieving the health outcome they were hoping for. 
Differences between ‘Practitioner only’ supplements as compared to ‘over-the-counter’ supplements include the fact that they often contain a higher dose of key ingredients, they contain the most bioavailable form of each of the key nutrients, and they include less or no artificial binders and fillers (which many sensitive individuals react to). This means that you will need to take less tablets to reach the therapeutic dose and that your body is absorbing more of the nutrients that you need to feel better.
At Natural Health and Nutrition, all supplements are individually prescribed based on your unique situation, taking into account diet, medical history, family history, genetic makeup, environmental factors, emotional wellbeing, and individual physiological requirements.
I will also conduct a complete review of any supplements you are currently taking to determine if they are necessary to continue with, that they are providing you with a therapeutic dose, that you are not doubling up on certain nutrients to unsafe levels, and to ensure that they are safe to combine with any medications you may be taking.


Important Patient Information – Australian vs Overseas Supplements

“Australian Natural Medicine companies lead the world in manufacturing nutritional and herbal supplements. In contrast, supplements manufactured in other countries including the US, may not always meet the quality and safety standards expected by consumers.
Manufacturing standards are not as stringent in the US, China, India or elsewhere as they are in Australia. Products produced in some of these countries may have elevated levels of heavy metals, pesticides, or microbial contaminants, as these are not screened for in many countries. They may also contain low levels of stated herbal active ingredients, the wrong herb entirely, or be adulterated with other unknown ingredients. This poses a serious risk to unwell and vulnerable patients.
Australian manufactured practitioner-only supplements are tested extensively throughout production:
  • Herbal ingredients are tested before they go into a formula to ensure the correct material is used
  • Nutritional ingredients are tested to ensure correct composition
  • Products are manufactured under stringent Good Manufacturing Practice conditions
  • Finished products are then tested again to confirm that active ingredients have survived the manufacturing process
  • Microbiological tests are performed to ensure safety before release
  • Products are placed on stability trials so that you know what is on the label is in the product Australian regulations insist upon the manufacture of natural medicines to pharmaceutical standards.
In most countries supplements are considered “foods” so it is not compulsory to perform any of the above tests. For example, studies have confirmed that a high percentage of US made products do not contain ANY of the ingredients or contain different ingredients than stated on the label.
Your health is the most important asset you have, nurture it and be rewarded by the investment. You deserve the best.
– BioMedica Nutraceuticals