Body Composition Analysis

When it comes to health, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts!

Did you know that identifying the percentage of fat versus muscle in your body is a far better way to assess your overall health and fitness than simply weighing yourself?  That’s why the Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic offers InBody Body Composition Analysis.
The InBody range of body composition analysers are the only Bio-electrical Impedance machine with 98% correlation to DEXA scanners across a broad range of populations including children, elderly, athletes and obese people to name a few.
The InBody 570 device provides a detailed report outlining an individual’s measurements in such things as:


–       Body weight
–       Segmental fat analysis
–       Fat mass (kg and %)
–       Segmental circumferences
–       Fat Free Mass
–       Visceral fat area level
–       Body mass index (BMI)
–       Body water analysis
–       Skeletal muscle mass
–       Intracellular water (ICW)
–       Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
–       Extracellular water (ECW)
–       Waist-hip ratio (WHR)
–       Bone mineral content (BMC)
–       Segmental lean analysis
–       Recommended calorie intake
–       Blood pressure
–       Health Score
–       Body balance evaluation
–       Body composition history
  • … and more!

Why do I need a body composition scan?

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to require an InBody Scan. Because of the information this machine will provide you, it can also raise alarm bells with low Bone Mineral Density or high levels of Visceral fat (fat around organs). Both of which are health risks that would need medical attention or changes to exercise and nutrition.
For those who frequent the gym or are athletic and look after their health and wellbeing, the InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis report can help monitor if your current gym program or exercise and nutrition regime is working for you. The report can also assess any imbalances in the limbs of the body, making it great for Personal Trainers to be able to prescribe programs for individuals needs.


InBody does not use averages when calculating your results, so there’s no guess work – It’s all about YOU!


Not only is the InBody Body Composition Analyser highly accurate, but also fast and easy. You simply stand on the platform and grip the handles for one full minute. The equipment can tell you where your body stores fat and where you store water. It even divides total body water into what’s inside and outside of the cells – values important in medical contexts, as they are markers of injury, swelling or inflammation.  With this information the Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic can create a customised health plan based on your individual body makeup.
Here are some of the benefits of an InBody Composition Analysis:
  • Identify health risks
  • Identify body imbalances
  • Personalise nutrition and exercise programs
  • Set realistic goals that can be accurately measured
  • Evaluate how well your wellness regime is working for you
  • Remove guess work, bias and confusion produced by bathroom scales and tape measures
  • Receive an in-depth report showing your results
  • Create a personalised health plan to help you achieve real results
  • Schedule regular consultations to track and monitor your progress


Schedule your InBody Composition Analysis with Natural Health and Nutrition today!


I’m interested … How do I get my body composition done?


If you are seeing me as a patient, InBody assessments can be incorporated into your appointments.
However, if your follow-up visits are infrequent and you would like to measure your progress more regularly, just call and ask for an InBody appointment only. This service is very affordable, and is also available if you are not a patient and are just interested in being tested for any of the reasons outlined above.
All InBody scans are by appointment only.


Option 1:

  • $40 per scan.
  • This includes the scan, interpretation and discussion of results, results booklet.
  • It does not include individualised dietary or lifestyle advice.
  • Allow 20 min.

Option 2:

  • $20 per scan.
  • Only available in conjunction with a full Naturopathic or Nutritional consultation.
  • Includes the scan, interpretation and discussion of results, results booklet.
  • Includes dietary and lifestyle advice based on scan results and other health concerns.
  • Allow 1.5 hours for an initial consultation. Between 30-60 min for follow-up consultations.




For the most precise measurement, the following guidelines are recommended:
  • Hydrate well the day before.
  • Do not drink caffeine before your test.
  • Do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to testing.
  • Do not exercise before testing.
  • Use the bathroom before your test.
  • Do not shower or sauna immediately before the test.
  • Wear light, comfortable clothing.
The InBody test is not recommended in the following situations:
  • Do not take the test if you have a pacemaker or any other electronic medical device implanted.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.


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