General Pathology

General pathology tests are performed by your GP and, in most instances, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate on them.
General pathology test results are used by your GP to identify and diagnose disease states. If your test results happen to fall within the given reference range, you will often be told that you are ‘normal’ and that you have nothing to worry about. You might even be told that the symptoms you feel are “all in your head”.
As a clinical Naturopath, I see a large number of clients who have been told that they’re ‘normal’ and then been dismissed by their GP’s and yet, they continue to suffer from a wide range of signs and symptoms.


Being clinically ‘normal’ is a long way from being in a state of optimal health.
Because I work, as much as possible, to identify and deal with any bodily dysfunction before it manifests into an active disease state, it is important that you bring any recent pathology test results with you to your consultation with me. This will save you time and money in having to repeat any tests unnecessarily, and it’ll also spare you another needle!
I often find that the best client health outcomes are achieved when GP’s and natural medicine practitioner’s work together. I will therefore aim to form an open channel of communication with your GP (only with your consent), in order that we may work collaboratively on your behalf.


While it is not my job to diagnose your condition (only a trained medical practitioner can provide a diagnosis), it IS my job to work closely with you to identify, understand and address the underlying imbalances that are creating the diagnosed condition, and put together a treatment plan to help bring you back into balance.

Medical view of the body

• The body is viewed as a ‘machine’ composed of separate systems reduced into its constituent parts.
• Emphasis is placed on the identification of disease or pathological tissue change.
• Treatment is base on reducing symptoms. Relies on late stage development of disease as a marker.
• Health is measured as an absence of disease. As long as you do not have a disease, you are considered healthy.


Naturopathic view of the body

• The body is viewed as a dynamic and complex interconnected system of mind, body, and emotions.
• Emphasis is placed on identification of areas of imbalance or dysfunction in normal physiology.
• Treatment addresses the underlying causes of dysfunction.
• Allows for early prediction of dysfunction.
• Health is measured along a wellness continuum, which is a spectrum moving from health to disease.
• Intervention can be made at every stage of the spectrum to restore and/or improve health and wellness.